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MODICIA O.S. Ultimate
Professional Audio/Video/Graphics

The main features of the "Ultimate", "Enterprise" and "Sound" versions are 7. All the other optimizations, customizations and exclusive configurations will be pleasant news that will allow you to use the distribution immediately. You will have everything you need to work without difficult configurations, with the best professional software already installed and optimized.
Turbo Boost processors are active by default.
2. Swappiness is reduced to 10% and programs are faster than 25% and consequently also increase the life of the SSD disk.
3. Data in RAM memory is compressed with a speed reading them and write more than 20%, Wine, Samba and Rsync is already configured and active.

MODICIA O.S. Enterprise
Professional Publishing/Writers/Office

4. If you press alt + space bar, the launcher application menu will appear.
5. All programs have the various languages and dictionaries available already installed.
6. From the context menu, wherever you are, you can activate the windows exposè.
7. We can quickly start displaying desktops, windows, application menus with the Super key (Windows or Mac key).

MODICIA O.S. Education

MODICIA O.S. is currently installed in over 12 schools and institutes, in total over 1,700 students use it every day. You will find useful and tested applications, tools, complete with plugins and configured. We actively spread Linux by installing special versions of MODICIA O.S. adapting the system to the required specifications.  

Partners who use MODICIA O.S. every day.

D.A.W.  Audio production professionals

Real Time Kernel, Wine / Winecfg / Winetricks for LV2 plugins Windows on Linux, JACK audio connection kit,  JACK sound server daemon, Linux audio desktop integration tools, set of open source LV2 plugins for the Linux platform, JACK audio server,  utility to tune musical instruments, video clip in sync with jack-transport, display media files information, software for writing music, multi-channel digital audio workstation and digital vinyl system (DVS).  

Partners who use MODICIA O.S. every day.

What professional use?

Used every day in offices, graphic studios and schools. In schools it has been used successfully during INVALSI state exams.

MODICIA Company Software development.

ISMA Primary, secondary and tertiary school.

M-Ph Professional photo video productions.


MODICIA O.S. will give you the possibility to try it without installing anything on your disk and to be able to transfer it to a USB key to always have with you an operating system complete with everything and bootable on all the machines you want. Only if you are satisfied will you be able to install this fantastic operating system on your computer. As a single operating system or together with Windows. If you need technical assistance, simply ask our technical support for help.


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1998 Since
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65 Graphics Studios
1700 Students

Assistance for professionals

Professionals, schools and offices can join the annual subscription of technical assistance via email, Telegram and remote desktop access.


Here you can find a selection of some international Bloggers and YouTubers with a large following, specializing in reviews and tests of Linux systems. They did some real comprehensive testing, testing the system by experienced users who are familiar with Linux operating systems and the use of installed programs.


A collection of reviews made by free journalists, who are accredited by years of work and testing on Open Source software, specialized in Linux distributions.