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1) Continuous development without interruption since 1998. 2) is developed and managed by a company specialized in creating Linux operating systems for its customers. 3) The distribution is tested and currently used on over 1,750 computers in use at various educational institutions and professional offices. 4) Everything is already configured and tested by professionals who use it every day. 5) Any problem or question can have a simple answer in the numerous forums dedicated to Ubuntu because MODICIA O.S. it is based on the LTS versions. 6) Constantly improving hardware support and configurations as it is installed on many types of computers. 7) The Open Source version released under the GPLv3 license is managed by a team of 10 developers personally involved in the development that offer their work for free in recognition of the Open Source community that allowed to create this project in 1998. 8) Professional graphics have created interface and themes making it a beautiful system to use and see, fast and powerful.  9) Features that you will find only in OS MODICIA, like Winene HQ, Samba, Rsync all codecs and plugins already installed, configured and ready to ' use. 10) This system is not a test or a personal game in a virtual machine, it is a system used every day for many years in schools and professionals who want to produce immediately.

MODICIA O.S. do you like? Collaborate with us. We look for new collaborators for the team, manage blogs and groups, create manual pages, video guides, new icons, new themes, experts in the use of audio, video and graphics software. Any advice that helps us improve is welcome! Do you want to propose a modification? Any contribution is welcome. Work with us to improve MODICIA O.S. Contact us at this address: modiciaosproject@gmail.com

* What can I do to help?
* Translate our supported projects to your native language to enhance multilingual support.
* Report issues or bugs that you've found during testing.
* Contribute patches, fixes and features for our open source software.
* Join our community forums to meet and assist like-minded users.
* Submit new software and updates to benefit all MODICIA O.S. users.
* Provide suggestions and feedback on our releases, through the forums, or the bug tracker.
* Test new releases and features of MODICIA O.S.and announced regularly through our blog.

We believe in GNU / LinuX

We believe in Open Source. We believe that Linux can and should be simple to use. We believe that Linux can be beautiful and professional. We believe that Linux is in competition with any operating system for any use. We only use Linux in our professional studios since 1998. We only sell and install Linux in our computers. We are committed to spread the use of Linux in schools and professional offices. We think we are ready to provide an operating system, beautiful, powerful, easy and complete to the Open Source community, for this reason we have released MODICIA O.S. Desktop Ultimate with GPLv3 license. We not only believe it, we do it really since 1998!

We’re the Italian leading provider of enterprise open source solutions.  The MODICIA O.S. is a community of people working together to build a free and open source software platform and to collaborate on and share user-focused solutions built on that platform..

The open source MODICIA O.S Ultimate Desktop operating system powers thousand of PCs and laptops around the Italy and Switzerland. MODICIA O.S. is designed to work on the latest laptops, desktops devices, it looks incredible on high resolution screens and interface refinements including individual menu bars in each application window, it’s now even easier to use.

MODICIA O.S. Desktop Ultimate is an elegant and easy-to-use operating system for desktop and laptop computers, with a complete set of tools for professionals of all kinds. The MODICIA O.S. is a community of people working together to build a free and open source software platform and to collaborate on and share user-focused solutions built on that platform. Our user base varies from home users to students & teachers, professionals, art enthusiast, music lovers, professional multimedia.

"MODICIA pronounced"


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    Our ISO is updated immediately every time a bug is detected and has been corrected. Before being distributed, the new ISO by MODICIA O.S. Desktop Ultimate is tested for two months on the 16 tester workstations of MODICIA WEB DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT Company. After this period, it is distributed and tested every day on 163 workstations divided between primary, secondary and tertiary education schools and other educational institutions, together with many other multimedia professionals and administrative offices for customers of MODICIA WEB DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT Company for another 30 day. Only after these tests will our ISO be made public for download.


    We have optimizing the performance of the hardware through a software intervention on the use of RAM and the processor, MODICIA O.S. using only 365 Mb of RAM. Activated by default the Turbo Boost of the processors. Reduced the swappiness to 10%. Programs are cautioned in ram with an opening speed increased by 25%. The data scanned and read in the ram are compressed to avoid using the swap and have a 20% higher speed.


    Is  a graphical configuration tool for the Direct Rendering Infrastructure It allows customizing performance and visual quality settings of OpenGL drivers on a  per  driver, per-screen and/or per-application level.The  settings  are  stored  in  a  system wide or per-user XML configuration file which is parsed by the OpenGL drivers on startup.


    Includes support for new technologies such as the type of fingerprint-Gui already installed and configured.


    It is already installed, it is updated automatically via a dedicated PPA. We have created links to the menu for graphical access, starting and stopping the service. You will not need any external cloud service, everything will remain private only for you visible. Have your files anywhere Synchronize any folder on all your devices. Synchronize photos, videos, music, PDFs, documents or any other type of file to / from your mobile, laptop or NAS. Automatically synchronize each folder on all your devices. A folder is added to one and automatically becomes available on all connected devices.


    Is optimized in the new version of the interface "PhotoPro". The menus, keyboard shortcuts and tabs are very similar to Photoshop. Being GIMP 2.10.xx you will find the Warp filter that can be used on the whole screen. A variety of filters among the most used by professionals are already installed. GEGL, Pandora, Script-Fu, etc ...


    The only professional video editing program for Linux completely free. Strong of constant development and without continuous crashes was equipped with all the available plugins. We have optimized the boards and panels to make it usable as fast as Vegas Video and Premiere.


    Is a fast and light alternative to the usual software center. It offers an extraordinary start speed and fast reactions. A clean and simple design, truly complete with ratings, reviews and screenshots.


    Mozilla Thunderbird Next is a free email program that offers a range of options for PC users without access to robust paid software like Microsoft Outlook. Allowing you to integrate multiple mailboxes with SMTP or POP protocols, Thunderbird is a lightweight, responsive piece of software that works well.. Plugins installed and ready to use: gContactSync synchronizes contacts between Tunderbird and one or more Google accounts, Lightning allows you to organize your schedule, access remote calendars and much more, Provider for Google Calendar allows Lightning to read and write events and tasks to a Google Calendar.


    Powerful Digital Compositor that can handle of your 2D/2.5D needs. Its robust OIIO file formats and OpenFX architecture is what make Natron the most flexible open source compositor for the visual effects community. Its interface and functionally are the same across all platforms such as MacOS, Linux and Windows. Natron has a powerful keying, roto/rotopaint, 2D tracking tools that are staple for all current film production project that requires visual effects.


    Is pre-installed and configured to version 4.xx automatically updated by dedicated PPA.


    Is already configured and active at boot with the "Public" folder sharing on the network, automatically updated by dedicated PPA.


    The application's Launcher is already ready just pressing Alt + Space. It's an application used to easily launch any program, file, location etc, on your machine. With the simple press of a user set hotkey, a small box will pop up on your screen to which you can enter what it is you’re looking for, and launch it quickly.


    Cleaning, optimization and control of system resources with the possibility to participate directly: it is entrusted to the specialized graphic tool, which can be executed with a click.


    All file systems are natively supported including the new exFAT or FAT64.


    Many utilities for recovering data from multimedia memory cards will be installed and ready to use.

MODICIA O.S. sustains and supports educational institutions with the installation and use education of the GNU / Linux operating system.
From 2016 to today we have installed 1.775 operating systems "MODICIA O.S. Didattico" and "MODICIA O.S. "Desktop Ultimate", six different scholastic institutes located in Italy and Switzerland speaking Italian, English, Spanish and German. For a total of 2.480 students of primary schools and high schools who use Linux in the school environment.

MODICIA O.S. " Desktop Ultimate" is in use with satisfaction at over 65 locations in various professional offices  by many professional photographic studios operating in Wedding, Fashion and sports services: LUCE COLORE (IT), STUDIO BIANCO & NERO (IT), MARIANI-PHOTO (CH), INDUSTRIEFOTOGRAF STEFAN (CH), PHOTOS ET VIDEOS LUNAS (CH), IMMAGINARTE (IT), ART AND PHOTO (IT), ALIPRANDI FOTO (IT), MARIANI-PHOTO (IT), FOTOBOVEZZO (IT), CENTRO SPOSI LUDUVICI (IT), CONTROLUCE DI SALVO F. (IT), SARNIA FOTOGRAFI (IT).

 modicia team

MODICIA O.S. is an open source project fully supported and funded by MODICIA WEB DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT Company which supports all development expenses and provides free of charge, servers, workstations, laptops, and consumables, as well as offering free web space and the use of its offices. Copyright © 2016/2019 MODICIA Project. The MODICIA O.S. logo is Copyright MODICIA O.S. Project. All rights reserved. Graphic provided by Marco M. Mariani. Other names and trademarks may be claimed as property of third parties. Other brands represented are owned by their respective rights projectors. Demo & Images: MARIANI-PHOTO


The story of this distribution begins in 1998 with various mods of Mandrake linux in PCs used at the professional photo studio of Seregno to try to adapt Linux to the working use of graphics and office, being then the supplied software very unripe in comparison to that offered by proprietary operating systems. It was the basis of many attempts and nights spent with friends to try to make it possible to use Linux profitably in the workplace. MODICIA O.S. was born as an operating system at the end of 2000, modified and customized Mandrake Linux 7.1 derivative to be proposed and installed to the customers of Marco M. Mariani's photography and sales assistance shop. From then on all the operating systems sold and installed by MODICIA Company were exclusively Linux MODICIA. In 2018 the MODICIA O.S. team was born. Project, a group of developers, graphic designers and writers who work for free to spread the operating system of the MODICIA Company under the LGPLv3 license, creating the basis for making this operating system known and supported free of charge to the open source community. Marco M. Mariani and his collaborators have been using the Linux operating system in all their PCs for personal and professional use since 1998 and today MODICIA Company is focused on the global spread of Linux as a universal operating system for professionals and public school education. committed to selling hardware with only Linux as an operating system. Our goal is to share with the world the fantastic and gratifying experience of using Linux every day for all purposes as a single operating system using a distribution that is easy, complete, beautiful, powerful and supported over time.

(Below the Box of Mandrake Linux 7.1 from which it derived MODICIA O.S. and the installation screens of Linux MODICIA O.S 3.0 of 10 October 2000)


La storia di questa distribuzione inizia nel 1998 con vari modding di Mandrake linux nei PC in uso presso lo studio fotografico professionale di Seregno per cercare di adattare Linux all'uso lavorativo di grafica e ufficio, essendo allora il software in dotazione molto acerbo in confronto a quello offerto dai sistemi operativi proprietari. Fu base di molti tentativi e notti intere passate con gli amici a cercare di rendere possibile usare con profitto Linux in ambito lavorativo. MODICIA O.S. nasce come sistema operativo alla fine del 2000, derivata di Mandrake Linux 7.1 modificata e personalizzata per potere essere proposta e installata ai clienti del negozio di fotografia e vendita assistenza computers di Marco M. Mariani. Da lì in avanti tutti i sistemi operativi venduti ed installati dalla MODICIA Company sono stati esclusivamente Linux MODICIA. Nel 2018 è nato il team MODICIA O.S. Project, un gruppo di sviluppatori, grafici e writer che opera gratuitamente per diffondere il sistema operativo della MODICIA Company con licenza LGPLv3 creando le basi per fare conoscere e supportare gratuitamente questo sistema operativo alla comunità open source. Marco M. Mariani e i suoi collaboratori usano dal 1998 il sistema operativo Linux in tutti i loro PC ad uso personale e professionale e tutt'oggi MODICIA Company è concentrata sulla diffusione globale di Linux come sistema operativo universale presso professionisti e istruzione pubblica scolastica e si è impegnata a vendere hardware con solamente Linux come sistema operativo. Il nostro scopo è di condividere con il mondo la fantatica e gratificante esperienza di usare Linux tutti i giorni per tutti gli scopi come unico sistema  operativo usando una distribuzione, facile, completa, bella, potente e supportata nel tempo.

(Qui sotto la Box di Mandrake Linux 7.1 dalla quale derivava MODICIA O.S. e le schermate di installazione di Linux MODICIA O.S 3.0 del 10 di ottobre 2000)


Die Geschichte dieser Distribution beginnt 1998 mit verschiedenen Mods von Mandrake Linux in PCs, die im professionellen Fotostudio von Seregno verwendet wurden, um zu versuchen, Linux an die Arbeitsweise von Grafik und Büro anzupassen, da die mitgelieferte Software im Vergleich dazu sehr unreif war das von proprietären Betriebssystemen angeboten wird. Es war die Grundlage vieler Versuche und Nächte, die mit Freunden verbracht wurden, um zu versuchen, Linux gewinnbringend am Arbeitsplatz einzusetzen. MODICIA O.S. wurde als Betriebssystem Ende 2000 geboren und modifizierte und angepasste Mandrake Linux 7.1-Derivate, die den Kunden von Marco M. Marianis Shop für Fotografie und Verkaufshilfe vorgeschlagen und installiert werden sollten. Fortan waren alle von MODICIA Company verkauften und installierten Betriebssysteme ausschließlich Linux MODICIA. Im Jahr 2018 wurde das Team der MODICIA O.S. geboren. Project, eine Gruppe von Entwicklern, Grafikdesignern und Autoren, die kostenlos daran arbeiten, das Betriebssystem der Firma MODICIA unter der Lizenz LGPLv3 zu verbreiten, schafft die Grundlage dafür, dass dieses Betriebssystem der Open-Source-Community kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt wird. Marco M. Mariani und seine Mitarbeiter verwenden das Linux-Betriebssystem seit 1998 in allen ihren PCs für den persönlichen und professionellen Gebrauch. Heute konzentriert sich MODICIA auf die weltweite Verbreitung von Linux als universelles Betriebssystem für Fachleute und die Schulbildung an öffentlichen Schulen. verpflichtet, Hardware nur mit Linux als Betriebssystem zu verkaufen. Unser Ziel ist es, der ganzen Welt die fantastische und erfreuliche Erfahrung des täglichen Gebrauchs von Linux als ein einziges Betriebssystem mit einer einfachen, vollständigen, schönen, leistungsstarken und unterstützten Distribution zu vermitteln.

(Unter der Box von Mandrake Linux 7.1, von der MODICIA O.S. und die Installationsbildschirme von Linux MODICIA O.S 3.0 vom 10. Oktober 2000 abgeleitet wurden)


L’histoire de cette distribution débute en 1998 avec divers mods de Mandrake linux sur des PC utilisés dans le studio photo professionnel de Seregno pour essayer d’adapter Linux à l’utilisation graphique et bureautique, le logiciel fourni étant alors très prévisible par rapport à celle offerte par les systèmes d'exploitation propriétaires. C'était la base de nombreuses tentatives et nuits passées avec des amis pour essayer de rendre l'utilisation de Linux rentable sur le lieu de travail. MODICIA O.S. est un système d’exploitation né à la fin de l’année 2000, dérivé de Mandrake Linux 7.1 modifié et personnalisé, qui doit être proposé et installé par les clients du magasin d’aide à la vente et à la photographie de Marco M. Mariani. À partir de ce moment, tous les systèmes d'exploitation vendus et installés par la société MODICIA étaient exclusivement Linux MODICIA. En 2018, l'équipe MODICIA O.S. était née. Project, un groupe de développeurs, de concepteurs graphiques et d’écrivains qui s’emploient gratuitement à diffuser le système d’exploitation de la société MODICIA sous licence LGPLv3, créant ainsi la base pour faire connaître ce système d’exploitation et le soutenir gratuitement à la communauté open source. Marco M. Mariani et ses collaborateurs utilisent le système d'exploitation Linux sur tous leurs ordinateurs à des fins personnelles et professionnelles depuis 1998. Aujourd'hui, la société MODICIA se concentre sur la diffusion mondiale de Linux en tant que système d'exploitation universel pour les professionnels et l'enseignement public. engagé à vendre du matériel avec uniquement Linux comme système d'exploitation. Notre objectif est de partager avec le monde la fantastique et gratifiante expérience d’utilisation de Linux au quotidien, en tant que système d’exploitation unique, avec une distribution facile, complète, esthétique, puissante et soutenue au fil du temps.

(Ci-dessous la boîte de Mandrake Linux 7.1 à partir de laquelle il a dérivé MODICIA O.S. et les écrans d'installation de Linux MODICIA O.S 3.0 du 10 octobre 2000)


A história desta distribuição terá início em 1998 com vários modding Mandrake Linux PCs em uso no estúdio de fotografia profissional Seregno para tentar ajustar o Linux a utilizar gráficos comerciais e de escritório, sendo, em seguida, o software fornecido muito imaturo em comparação com que oferecido por sistemas operacionais proprietários. Foi a base de muitas tentativas e noites passadas com amigos para tentar tornar possível o uso rentável do Linux no local de trabalho. MODICIA O.S. Nasceu como um sistema operacional no final de 2000, modificou e personalizou o derivativo Mandrake Linux 7.1 para ser proposto e instalado para os clientes da loja de fotografia e assistência de vendas de Marco M. Mariani. A partir de então, todos os sistemas operacionais vendidos e instalados pela MODICIA Company eram exclusivamente o Linux MODICIA. Em 2018 nasceu a equipe da MODICIA O.S. Project, um grupo de desenvolvedores, artistas gráficos e escritores que trabalham de graça para espalhar a licença do sistema operacional Modicia Empresa LGPLv3 criando a base para sei e apoiar este sistema operacional gratuitamente para a comunidade open source. Marco M. Mariani e seus colaboradores estão usando o sistema operacional Linux desde 1998 em todo o seu PC para uso pessoal e profissional e ainda Modicia Companhia está focada na disseminação global de Linux como um sistema operacional universal com profissionais e educação de escola pública e tem empenhada em vender hardware com apenas Linux como sistema operacional. Nosso objetivo é compartilhar com o mundo a fantástica e gratificante experiência de usar o Linux todos os dias para todos os propósitos como um único sistema operacional usando uma distribuição que é fácil, completa, bonita, poderosa e suportada ao longo do tempo.

(Abaixo do Box do Mandrake Linux 7.1 do qual derivou o MODICIA O.S. e as telas de instalação do Linux MODICIA O.S 3.0 de 10 de outubro de 2000)


La historia de esta distribución comienza en 1998 con varias modificaciones de Mandrake Linux en PC utilizadas en el estudio fotográfico profesional de Seregno para tratar de adaptar Linux al uso funcional de gráficos y oficina, por lo que el software suministrado es muy inmaduro en comparación con Lo que ofrecen los sistemas operativos propietarios. Fue la base de muchos intentos y noches pasadas con amigos para tratar de hacer posible usar Linux de manera rentable en el lugar de trabajo. MODICIA O.S. Nació como un sistema operativo a fines de 2000, modificó y personalizó el derivado de Mandrake Linux 7.1 que se propondrá e instalará a los clientes de la tienda de asistencia de ventas y fotografía de Marco M. Mariani. A partir de entonces, todos los sistemas operativos vendidos e instalados por MODICIA Company fueron exclusivamente Linux MODICIA. En 2018 nació el equipo de MODICIA O.S. Project, un grupo de desarrolladores, diseñadores gráficos y escritores que trabajan de forma gratuita para difundir el sistema operativo de la empresa MODICIA bajo la licencia LGPLv3, creando la base para que este sistema operativo sea conocido y con soporte gratuito para la comunidad de código abierto. Marco M. Mariani y sus colaboradores han estado utilizando el sistema operativo Linux en todas sus PC para uso personal y profesional desde 1998 y hoy en día, la empresa MODICIA se centra en la difusión mundial de Linux como un sistema operativo universal para profesionales y educación en escuelas públicas. comprometido a vender hardware con solo Linux como sistema operativo. Nuestro objetivo es compartir con el mundo la fantástica y gratificante experiencia de usar Linux todos los días para todos los propósitos como un solo sistema operativo que utiliza una distribución que es fácil, completa, hermosa, potente y compatible a lo largo del tiempo.

(Debajo de la caja de Mandrake Linux 7.1 de la que derivó MODICIA O.S. y las pantallas de instalación de Linux MODICIA O.S 3.0 del 10 de octubre de 2000)