About  modicia o.s.

1) Continuous development without interruption since 1998. 2) is developed and managed by a company specialized in creating Linux operating systems for its customers. 3) The distribution is tested and currently used on over 1,750 computers in use at various educational institutions and professional offices. 4) Everything is already configured and tested by professionals who use it every day. 5) Any problem or question can have a simple answer in the numerous forums dedicated to Ubuntu because MODICIA O.S. it is based on the LTS versions. 6) Constantly improving hardware support and configurations as it is installed on many types of computers. 7) The Open Source version released under the GPLv3 license is managed by a team of 10 developers personally involved in the development that offer their work for free in recognition of the Open Source community that allowed to create this project in 1998. 8) Professional graphics have created interface and themes making it a beautiful system to use and see, fast and powerful.  9) Features that you will find only in OS MODICIA, like Winene HQ, Samba, Rsync all codecs and plugins already installed, configured and ready to ' use. 10) This system is not a test or a personal game in a virtual machine, it is a system used every day for many years in schools and professionals who want to produce immediately.

The ¨ABC¨ of maximum performance

A) Turbo Boost processors are active by default. B)  Swappiness is reduced to 10% and programs are faster than 25% and consequently also increase the life of the SSD disk. C) Data in RAM memory is compressed with a speed reading them and write more than 20%, Wine HQ, Samba is already configured and active. Designed by professionals supported by a company. There are no more excuses to abandon the proprietary systems in favor of Open Source. MODICIA O.S. overall it is superior to any other proprietary alternative for multimedia professionals and publishing offices.


The windows theme is the same for all applications. The theme, icons and the skin of VLC were created specifically for MODICIA O.S. Each program and application has been modified in use and appearance. The code has been modified and improved to make the use of the system fast, pleasant and free of bugs. This is accomplished without unnecessarily rename the name of the application. You will find all the software you already know but improved in every aspect, to the point of looking like new software, like Xfce. But with the original name.


MODICIA O.S. it can be used with profit and satisfaction even by advanced and passionate advanced amateurs, but it has been created and is used by true professionals of multimedia. The installed software is not the result of sympathy for a desktop or a library or even for pure ideology. It is really productive and used software. All graphically uniformed in the graphics by a theme that makes every appearance nice and pleasing, from colors to buttons.

five unique configurations

    Graphically beautiful, complete and performing using only 365 MB of Ram.
1. If you press alt + space bar, the launcher application menu will appear.
2. All programs have the various languages and dictionaries available already installed.
3. If you put the mouse in the lower left corner, the exposure of the windows begins.
4. We can quickly start displaying desktops, windows, application menus with the Super key (Windows or Mac key)
5. Pressing the middle button of the mouse appears the circle menu with all the utilities from the terminal to monitor the hardware and the o.s.

The system has been optimized in all the main aspects. Use of RAM, CPU, menu, utility tool, complete management and system maintenance. A fast and light App Center will allow you to install the software necessary for your activities, both leisure and work in order to make MODICIA O.S. turn on a custom operating system for you.

MODICIA O.S. it is based on Debian and Ubuntu LTS, consequently it has a huge software park and online support through the numerous forums. Support follows the Ubuntu LTS versions. MODICIA O.S. "Desktop Ultimate" are official distributions developed and supported by MODICIA Development Company, developed and created for their professional clients and public bodies. The original vesions are then released for free under the GPLv3 license for the open source community.

The beauty and the graphic uniformity are at the highest levels, everything is neat and clean with only one theme line. Professional graphics have created for the desktop "Anabolized Xfce" icons, themes and effects that you will find in all their beauty and cleanliness only in this operating system.

"MODICIA pronounced"


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Nulla è standard su Modicia OS Questo è ciò che genera la felicità."& Commerce Times"
La nuova distro Linux in stile Mac OS, tutta italiana! "Calogero Scarnà"

The reference site for Linux in ITALY AND SWITZERLAND

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    Our ISO is updated immediately every time a bug is detected and has been corrected. Before being distributed, the new ISO by MODICIA O.S. Desktop Ultimate is tested for two months on the 16 tester workstations of MODICIA WEB DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT Company. After this period, it is distributed and tested every day on 163 workstations divided between primary, secondary and tertiary education schools and other educational institutions, together with many other multimedia professionals and administrative offices for customers of MODICIA WEB DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT Company for another 30 day. Only after these tests will our ISO be made public for download.


    We have optimizing the performance of the hardware through a software intervention on the use of RAM and the processor, MODICIA O.S. using only 365 Mb of RAM. Activated by default the Turbo Boost of the processors. Reduced the swappiness to 10%. Programs are cautioned in ram with an opening speed increased by 25%. The data scanned and read in the ram are compressed to avoid using the swap and have a 20% higher speed.


    Is  a graphical configuration tool for the Direct Rendering Infrastructure It allows customizing performance and visual quality settings of OpenGL drivers on a  per  driver, per-screen and/or per-application level.The  settings  are  stored  in  a  system wide or per-user XML configuration file which is parsed by the OpenGL drivers on startup.


    Includes support for new technologies such as the type of fingerprint-Gui already installed and configured.


    It is already installed, it is updated automatically via a dedicated PPA. We have created links to the menu for graphical access, starting and stopping the service. You will not need any external cloud service, everything will remain private only for you visible. Have your files anywhere Synchronize any folder on all your devices. Synchronize photos, videos, music, PDFs, documents or any other type of file to / from your mobile, laptop or NAS. Automatically synchronize each folder on all your devices. A folder is added to one and automatically becomes available on all connected devices.


    Is optimized in the new version of the interface "PhotoPro". The menus, keyboard shortcuts and tabs are very similar to Photoshop. Being GIMP 2.10.xx you will find the Warp filter that can be used on the whole screen. A variety of filters among the most used by professionals are already installed. GEGL, Pandora, Script-Fu, etc ...


    The only professional video editing program for Linux completely free. Strong of constant development and without continuous crashes was equipped with all the available plugins. We have optimized the boards and panels to make it usable as fast as Vegas Video and Premiere.


    Is a fast and light alternative to the usual software center. It offers an extraordinary start speed and fast reactions. A clean and simple design, truly complete with ratings, reviews and screenshots.


    Mozilla Thunderbird Next is a free email program that offers a range of options for PC users without access to robust paid software like Microsoft Outlook. Allowing you to integrate multiple mailboxes with SMTP or POP protocols, Thunderbird is a lightweight, responsive piece of software that works well.. Plugins installed and ready to use: gContactSync synchronizes contacts between Tunderbird and one or more Google accounts, Lightning allows you to organize your schedule, access remote calendars and much more, Provider for Google Calendar allows Lightning to read and write events and tasks to a Google Calendar.


    Powerful Digital Compositor that can handle of your 2D/2.5D needs. Its robust OIIO file formats and OpenFX architecture is what make Natron the most flexible open source compositor for the visual effects community. Its interface and functionally are the same across all platforms such as MacOS, Linux and Windows. Natron has a powerful keying, roto/rotopaint, 2D tracking tools that are staple for all current film production project that requires visual effects.


    Is pre-installed and configured to version 4.xx automatically updated by dedicated PPA.


    Is already configured and active at boot with the "Public" folder sharing on the network, automatically updated by dedicated PPA.


    The application's Launcher is already ready just pressing Alt + Space. It's an application used to easily launch any program, file, location etc, on your machine. With the simple press of a user set hotkey, a small box will pop up on your screen to which you can enter what it is you’re looking for, and launch it quickly.


    Cleaning, optimization and control of system resources with the possibility to participate directly: it is entrusted to the specialized graphic tool, which can be executed with a click.


    All file systems are natively supported including the new exFAT or FAT64.


    Many utilities for recovering data from multimedia memory cards will be installed and ready to use.

MODICIA O.S. sustains and supports educational institutions with the installation and use education of the GNU / Linux operating system.
From 2016 to today we have installed 771 operating systems "MODICIA O.S. Didattico" and "MODICIA O.S. "Desktop Ultimate", four different scholastic institutes located in Italy and Switzerland speaking Italian, English, Spanish and German. For a total of 2.4O0 students of primary schools and high schools who use Linux in the school environment.

MODICIA O.S. " Desktop Ultimate" is in use with satisfaction at over 65 locations in various professional offices  by many professional photographic studios operating in Wedding, Fashion and sports services: LUCE COLORE (IT), STUDIO BIANCO & NERO (IT), MARIANI-PHOTO (CH), INDUSTRIEFOTOGRAF STEFAN (CH), PHOTOS ET VIDEOS LUNAS (CH), IMMAGINARTE (IT), ART AND PHOTO (IT), ALIPRANDI FOTO (IT), MARIANI-PHOTO (IT), FOTOBOVEZZO (IT), CENTRO SPOSI LUDUVICI (IT), CONTROLUCE DI SALVO F. (IT), SARNIA FOTOGRAFI (IT).

 modicia team

MODICIA O.S. is an open source project fully supported and funded by MODICIA WEB DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT Company which supports all development expenses and provides free of charge, servers, workstations, laptops, and consumables, as well as offering free web space and the use of its offices. Copyright © 2016/2019 MODICIA Project. The MODICIA O.S. logo is Copyright MODICIA O.S. Project. All rights reserved. Graphic provided by Marco M. Mariani. Other names and trademarks may be claimed as property of third parties. Other brands represented are owned by their respective rights projectors. Demo & Images: MARIANI-PHOTO