License LGPL proprietary drivers of Interactive Multimedia boards for schools.

WineHQ, Samba, LibreOffice Fresh, Thunderbird Next Mail, PeaZip, AnyDesk, Audacios, Parole M.P,  Telegram, MasterPdf, XnWiev, USB Format, Stacer, MODICIA Tool, Shift Light, Dukto, Shutown Timer, Google Calendar, Synchting, VLC, Sound Converter, Firefox Next Browser, AirMore, Provider for Google Calendar, Lightning, gContactSync, Address book , drivers of Interactive Multimedia boards for schools.

We have installed and configured ready to use for you ....

Discover App is a fast and light application center with search, category, ratings and preview screens. It will allow you to choose, among the more than 4,000 applications present, the one that is useful for you to install.

Mozilla Thunderbird Next is a free email program that offers a range of options for PC users without access to robust paid software like Microsoft Outlook. Allowing you to integrate multiple mailboxes with SMTP or POP protocols, Thunderbird is a lightweight, responsive piece of software that works well.. Plugins installed and ready to use: gContactSync synchronizes contacts between Tunderbird and one or more Google accounts, Lightning allows you to organize your schedule, access remote calendars and much more, Provider for Google Calendar allows Lightning to read and write events and tasks to a Google Calendar.

Discover App is a fast and light alternative to the usual software center. It offers an extraordinary start speed and fast reactions. A clean and simple design, truly complete with ratings, reviews and screenshots.

Synchting is already installed, it is updated automatically via a dedicated PPA. We have created links to the menu for graphical access, starting and stopping the service. You will not need any external cloud service, everything will remain private only for you visible. Have your files anywhere Synchronize any folder on all your devices. Synchronize photos, videos, music, PDFs, documents or any other type of file to / from your mobile, laptop or NAS. Automatically synchronize each folder on all your devices. A folder is added to one and automatically becomes available on all connected devices.


Our ISO is updated immediately every time a bug is detected and has been corrected. Before being distributed, the new ISO by MODICIA O.S. Desktop Ultimate is tested for two Vmonths on the 16 tester workstations of MODICIA WEB DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT Company. After this period, it is distributed and tested every day on 163 workstations divided between primary, secondary and tertiary education schools and other educational institutions, together with many other multimedia professionals and administrative offices for customers of MODICIA WEB DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT Company for another 30 day. Only after these tests will our ISO be made public for download.