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License GPLv3

We have tried to offer a specific Linux system for the various multimedia users by installing the free software that, according to us and the professional studies we have as clients, is the most suitable sd to be used at professional or amateur level. You will find a lot of software already installed and configured with the activated plugins while having a fast system, slender and responsive.

MODICIA O.S. an innovative system, based on Debian and Ubuntu (LTS) with a desktop environment Xfce using only 450 Mb of RAM, profoundly changed in the use and graphics that we renamed it   " Anabolized Xfce ".

It was created thinking of giving a ready-to-use system to people who do not have time to search and configure the software they need. And very importantly it's all software and configurations useful for those who really works with linux. On practice we offer an operating system that is installed ready to produce without wasting time.

Project Details


License LGPL proprietary drivers (by EPSON) of Interactive Multimedia boards for schools.

MODICIA O.S. Didattico is a complete technological platform for the school. Fully equipped with all preinstalled and configured software (over 1,000) for teaching. The operating system is supplied with and languages: Italian, English, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish already installed. Drivers of Interactive Multimedia boards for schools.

Available simultaneously in 25 languages. All software is updated to the latest versions and free to use for free.

Convenient menus and system tools will allow you a fast and profitable use of the S.O. immediately. In the "Store packages", in addition to those already installed, thousands of applications for all categories are available for free and immediately.

Project Details